New video from the Cloud Factory

Bild der Wolkenfabrik

Let Toni take you high into the sky! Finally there is a video of the top-secret Cloud Factory, featuring: The Minister of Weather Affairs and the Great Flying Fire Department. Everything that has been hidden up till now under a shroud of mystery is revealed. Enjoy and don’t tell anyone!

In the Cloud Factory

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upcoming events

2017-08-17 | concert for children and families

Toni Geiling Solo


  • where: NT, Halle NT, Halle
  • start: 10:00 AM

2017-08-18 | irish folk

Seldom Sober Company

  • where: EuropaRosarium, Sangerhausen EuropaRosarium, Sangerhausen
  • start: 07:30 PM

2017-08-20 | concert for children and families

Toni Geiling & the Cloud Orchestra

open air

  • where: Münsterkirchplatz, Herford Münsterkirchplatz, Herford
  • start: 03:00 PM