Continental Drift Tour

(DE) Live aus Neuseeland, Großbritannien und Deutschland

Live from New Zealand,  Great Britain and Germany

world/folk/songs & music from Mars


The international acoustic folk and world-music trio SandersAlleyGeiling is preparing for the next Continental Drift Tour 2017. If you are interested in staging a concert in Germany or New Zealand or on the Moon please send a booking request.


“Dingle Day” composed by Dave Alley, arranged by SandersAlleyGeiling


  • Dave Alley (NZ) – vocals, guitar, slide-guitar, percussion.
  • Jon Sanders (NZ/GB) – bouzouki, ukulele, guitar, vocals
  • Toni Geiling (G) – violin, singing saw, guitar, vocals

The three musician have been playing together since 2006. Despite the distance between their home bases they manage to tour either Germany or New Zealand for a run of 20 – 30 shows every other year. The Continental Drift Tour 2017 presents their latest CD.

SandersAlleyGeiling live on the construction site

Dave Alley – solo, performing “We all might get hit by a rather large bus”


SandersAlleyGeiling performing “Little Wonders”

promo photo

upcoming events

2019-11-22 | concert for children and families

(DE) In der Wolkenfabrik

  • where: Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerder Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerder
  • start: 10:00 AM

2019-11-28 | concert for children and families

(DE) Der Wintertroll

  • where: Bürgerhaus Kalk, Köln Bürgerhaus Kalk, Köln
  • start: 09:30 AM

2019-11-30 | concert for children and families

(DE) Der Wintertroll

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

  • where: Hof 16, Halberstadt Hof 16, Halberstadt
  • start: 04:30 PM