I am a violinist, singer/songwriter and also play the singing saw and guitar.

tickets for “The Wintertroll” and “Toni sings for grown up’s”

Tickets for the two shows (3 pm for kids, 8 pm for grown up’s) on Sat, Dec. 15th are available here.

upcoming events

2018-12-25 | irish folk

Seldom Sober Company

irish christmas

  • where: Konzerthalle Ulrichskirche, Halle Konzerthalle Ulrichskirche, Halle
  • start: 04:00 PM

2018-12-27 | irish folk,

Seldom Sober Company

Irish Christmas

  • where: Marienkirche, Dessau Marienkirche, Dessau
  • start: 07:30 PM