I am a violinist, singer/songwriter and also play the singing saw and guitar.

Cups, plates and bowls for children “Reise nach Irgendwo”

All fans of my “Journey to Anywhere” (Reise nach Irgendwo) can start their daily breakfast with the dragonfly “Lulur”, the robot “Alphazettstrichdreissig” or “hot air balloon bathtub airship”. The lovingly handmade pottery by Romy Pfeiffer … Continue reading

upcoming events

2018-09-04 | concert for children and families

“In der Wolkenfabrik”

official time will be pronounced soon

  • where: Bücherei, Wettin Bücherei, Wettin
  • start: 12:00 AM

2018-09-07 | irish folk

Jahre Seldom Sober Company

  • where: Hennebergisches Museum Kloster Veßra, Kloster Veßra Hennebergisches Museum Kloster Veßra, Kloster Veßra
  • start: 07:30 PM

2018-09-08 | singer / songwriter, folk, cabaret

The Slug

Singer / Songwriter concert

  • where: Brandtsköppshaus, Hinternah Brandtsköppshaus, Hinternah
  • start: 07:30 PM