In der Wolkenfabrik (In the Cloud Factory) 2014

Here it is!  Toni’s new CD for children “In der Wolkenfabrik” invites us to travel high up into the skies.  A red-kite is circling in a mysterious manner, the millionaire wants to finish his propeller-bicycle, the minister of weather is looking for answers and a little imp is messing up the house. Warming moments of friendship, true words from the Winter troll and a soothing version of the old German folksong “Die Koenigskinder” will lighten the mood in every child’s room.

The Cloud Orchestra is:

Anne Diedrichsen – Drums
Kaspar Domke – Double Bass
Klas Yngborn – Piano and additional Vocals
Andreas Uhlmann – Trombone
Jens Uhlig – Tuba
Dave Alley – Slide-Guitar & Solo-Guitar
Jon Sanders – Ukulele
Philipp Weihrauch – Cello
Toni Geiling – Vocals, Guitar, Tom Drum, Bells, Noseflute, Body Percussion, Singing Saw, Violin and Viola


Reise nach Irgendwo (Journey to Anywhere) 2010

On Toni’s second CD for children „Reise nach Irgendwo“ we meet a clever but careless bookworm, wind-spirits and a crazy robot . A brave dragonfly defends its rural paradise with a warm-hearted  speech to the parliament and Hänsel und Berta tell the real version of the famous fairy tale which really took place in the vastness of outer space – as recently proved scientifically!


Das Spiel (The Game) 2011

The CD opens with a 12-minute composition for string orchestra in three movements: Motorus, Sehnsucht (longing) and Euphoria. Motorus being an imaginary word in the German language associating engines and perpetual motion of some sort.

After the instrumental introduction Toni presents six of his original songs and an arrangement of the old German folk song “Blaublümelein”. Three of the songs are in English that Toni wrote while travelling the English speaking world and the others are in his first language, German.

You’ll find a stop-motion shadow theatre video of “Blaublümelein” by the artist Romy Pfeiffer here.


composition for string-orchestra


Gedanken wollen fliegen (Thoughts Want to Fly) 2006

The last living dragon serves fried eggs, a mysterious tower levitates in mid-air and ghoulish ghosts party under the shining moon …

Toni’s first CD for children was awarded with the media award LEOPOLD (good music for children).


Sun, Apple Tree, Moon, Bumble Bee (2001)

Toni’s debut as a songwriter. Recorded from 1998 – 2000 in Dingle, Ireland. With Greg Shean from Australia on percussion, the German Akki Schulz on double-bass, Mandy Senger on flute (today living in Sweden), Jon Sanders from GB / NZ, Andreas Glanz on drums (today living in France) and many more.


upcoming events

2024-04-20 | concert for children and families

(DE) Toni Geiling Kinderlieder

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  • start: 04:00 PM

2024-05-03 | concert for children and families

(DE) Kita Konzert

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  • where: Kita Amos Comenius, Halle Kita Amos Comenius, Halle
  • start: 09:30 AM

2024-05-04 | concert for children and families

(DE) In der Wolkenfabrik

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

  • where: Schloss, Köthen Schloss, Köthen
  • start: 02:00 PM